Hearing Loss Blogs You Should Know


Having hearing loss is a unique experience, and everyone deals with it differently. However, this doesn’t stop people from finding a community online. These bloggers have shared their stories online, and they’re worth looking into.

It takes bravery to put your experiences out on the internet. While there are many reasons to be cautious about sharing personal details on blogs and other social media sites, there is also an undeniable appeal to finding a community online. The internet connects millions of people all over the world, which makes it the perfect place to find others with similar opinions and experiences. Blogs are a wonderful way to keep logs of personal events, give advice, and offer reviews of popular products.

Reviews from actual people can be a good look into the real-life applications and performance of a product. For example, Signia hearing aids’ success is supported by the people that wear them.

Hearing Loss Blogs Worth Your Time

These people have perfected the art of keeping a hearing loss blog. While they may speak about other things, including music and sports, their blogs focus on the lives of hard-of-hearing people.

Living With Hearing Loss (https://livingwithhearingloss.com)

More of an actual website than a personal blog, Living With Hearing Loss is a collection of articles. The owner, Shari Eberts, regularly updates with news, self-help guides, and advice on how to live with hearing loss. She occasionally posts about her personal experiences with hearing loss, and also writes about her opinions regarding audiology and disability design.

Grand Piano Passion (https://www.grandpianopassion.com)

The definition of an inspirational hearing blog. While many of the posts are about piano specifically, there is an important story woven throughout this blog. The founder, Nancy M. Williams, pursued her dreams as a piano player with hearing loss. She speaks about her experiences with hearing loss, finding inspiration, and embracing your passions. Even if you don’t play an instrument, this blog is a good read for anyone struggling to stay invested in their talents.

Finding Hearing Loss Blogs

While these entries are definitely worth looking into, they aren’t the only places to find similar experiences. Over 466 million people worldwide are considered deaf or HOH (Hard of Hearing). Chances are, you can probably find quite a few hearing loss blogs on your own. If you’re having trouble finding the content you want, writing your own blog is a good way to talk about your personal experiences. After a while, you might be able to net an audience yourself. Who knows, maybe your blog will be exactly what someone else needs!

If you’re not keen on keeping a blog, try social media. Social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook have made it easy to share experiences and opinions, and hashtags can be used to find others with hearing loss. Building a community online takes time, but it could be well worth it in the end.